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What is PBT?

Our Future Plans:

With the development of the POET Bioproducts Institute within a stones throw from our current lab and office space, we hope to transfer our work there as soon as the building is ready for us. This building will provide an ideal space for us to begin pilot production, while maintaining a similar collaborative community that we currently have at the Research Park.


The Heart of PBT

Our team is made up of bright and like-minded individuals from all across the United States, brought together by a passion for science at South Dakota State University. Bound by friendship and common interests, Pioneer Biotech employees wake up each day motivated to work towards what we love, making a hobby out of our jobs. With endless possibilities on the horizon, the PBT team strives to keep South Dakota great. By implementing sustainable farming techniques, our collective dream is to diminish the carbon footprint of current farming, thus preserving the beautiful land and heritage that we all call home.


So without further ado, meet the team making our dreams come true!

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